Great Summer Nails Featuring Julep Polish


So this will be my first post on the blog! I previously did a detailed post of Julep on Jolie Pagaille, but I want to show you some of their other fun summer colors I have…before it’s over!

All of the swatches are taken in indoor light (Left photo) and in sunlight (right photo)

Julep Sasha  100_7950

Julep Sasha

Julep Sasha is described as a Cantaloupe Melon Creme…it goes on really well and covers great in 2 coats…this is my favorite summer coral shade!

100_7994 Julep Abbie

Julep Abbie

Julep Abbie is described as a Sunshine Yellow is very bright, but not too hard to pull off in my opinion. It is somewhat opaque and covers good in 2 coats. It does slightly stain the nails yellow so be sure to use a base coat and be careful when removing (use lots of remover and cotton balls!)

100_7935 Julep Mackenzie

Julep Mackenzie

Julep Mackenzie is a Sour Apple Green Frost shade. It really does remind me of a (shiny) granny smith apple! I LOVE this color because of the subtle shimmer, it just adds something extra in the light…Covers really well and is easier to remove than Abbie!

What do you think of these fun summer colors?

If you are interested in singing up to become a Julep Maven click HERE…if you want to just buy polishes without creating a subscription use this LINK

Thanks for reading!

~ Kristina~

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