Colorescience Make-up review!

A few weeks back I was lucky to stumble upon The Unite Socially Blog written by Cheryl Hawley. She was having a Colorescience Glam Box Giveaway so I entered, and I won!!

So today I am going to be reviewing the Colorescience products that I won.

PicMonkey Collage

The Box came with the following Products (L to R): The Loose Mineral Eye Color in Pearl Shimmer and Smoke Shimmer

The Loose Mineral Illuminator in Peral Powder, The Sunforgettable Lip Shine in Rose SPF 35

Volume Mascara, and Black Mineral Eye Liner.

L to R: Illuminating Powder, Rose Lip Gloss, Pearl Eye Shimmer, Smoke Eye Shimmer, Eye Liner

L to R: Illuminating Powder, Rose Lip Gloss, Pearl Eye Shimmer, Smoke Eye Shimmer, Eye Liner

The Illuminating powder is hard to see in the swatch, it is a light finishing powder, but it has more “glitter” than I would personally like for an Illuminating powder, which in my opinion should be very finely milled.

The Lip Gloss is a pretty Mauve color, it has a nice mint taste and it’s only slightly sticky. I really like that its SPF 35, because most glosses aren’t and can actually aid in lip burn with their reflective properties!

I like the eyeshadow colors but the applicator is a poor design, you have to put it back in very slowly or else you will get a “puff” of shadow because it is so tight to push in. It also has a lot of fallout, but it helps if you apply it wet and over an eye primer.

The Liner…now, let me just say I hardly EVER wear eyeliner.  I just don’t think it looks good on me. So that being said, I am not an eye liner expert,  BUT this liner seemed to apply very patchy and was very smudgy…(aka I had to touch it up frequently to avoid the panda eye look)

The mascara was nice, it seemed a bit dry but the applicator was soft, so thats a plus in my book! (I despise the new style synthetic applicators and they seem to be everywhere now)

Here is the look I created using the Colorescience products:


So, all in all I was happy to try Colorescience products for the first time.  But I was even more happy to end up meeting Cheryl from Unite Socially! She works with bloggers and also does social media for beauty brands! Go check her out on Facebook and Twitter!

I leave you with this question…what is the BEST eye liner you have found? Do you have any tricks/tips for applying? I would love to know!

Do you have any other questions or comments? Leave them below!

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