My Julep Cosmic Mystery Box Review & Swatches…(Plus a surprise)

Galaxy Box collage

Oh yah…Julep is awesome!!! This is my first time getting a Mystery Box and I bought the Cosmic version.

They had 3 versions available (Pluto-$19.99 for a $40 value Didn’t include Estelle) (Cosmic-$24.99  for a $70+Value and Included Estelle) And (Supernova- $39.99 for a $120 Value and Included Estelle)

Here is a list of what I received in my box:

~The Hand Model Set that includes 1oz Tubes of The Glycolic Scrub and Rock Star Hand Cream plus a full size Oxygen Nail Treatment- $25  Value

~Adele, Angela, Joanna, Estelle, Raegan, and Abbie (the only dupe, thankfully!)- Worth $14 each, so my box was worth a total of $109! (Happy Dance!)

Ok, so now here come all the swatches…are you ready? (PS you can click each photo to enlarge!)

I swatched all of them (Except Estelle, she is sparkly enough on her own) with 2 coats then added 1 coat of Adele (the shimmery top coat)…


Adele on it’s own…not a huge fan of it by itself…gives the nails too much of a dingy yellow look (but as you will see it makes for a pretty top coat!)

Angela Adele over Angela

Angela is a pretty dark teal/blue metallic chrome and it looks even better with Adele as a Top Coat!

Joanna Adele over Joanna

Joanna is described as a Lilac frost but I think it looks more periwinkle…and it kinds of looks like a speckled egg with Adele on top! (hehe)

Abbie Adele over Abbie

I already own Abbie and I love it (I swatched my old Abbie here so the one I got in the box is still unopened…hint,hint) Its a bright yellow creme, and applies somewhat patchy but levels itself out as it dries.

Raegan Adele over Raegan

Oh yah, i’m loving this pink! Raegan is “bright” dark pink creme and applies really well!


Aaaaannnd here is Estelle! Its a VERY pretty black microglitter…it dries very quickly to a “sandy” finish.  I can’t find it on the website yet, so i’m not sure if it is a Limited Edition or not…

 Estelle w top coat

I also applied the Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat and WOW it brings out the sparkles even more…I am totally loving this polish!!! In the sun, it is so sparkly…be careful driving you will constantly want to look at it!

I didn’t review the Oxygen Nail Treatment because it’s better to use without polish, and lets face it i’m wearing Estelle all weekend so it will have to wait! But the reviews are great so check it out HERE

Ok, so here is the whole shebang all together…

Julep End Collage

Beautiful isn’t it?

Ok, so you may (or may not) have noticed I didn’t mention the Glycolic Scrub or Hand Cream…well that’s because im giving them away along with the unopened Abbie Polish…Yippie!

The Prize

So, thanks for checking out my post and enter the ‘secret’ GIVEAWAY HERE! (PS…I will be moderating entries daily, so please don’t say you completed something if you didn’t!)

If your interested in becoming a Julep Maven, take the quiz and please sign up through my REFERRAL LINK =)

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21 thoughts on “My Julep Cosmic Mystery Box Review & Swatches…(Plus a surprise)

    • Ooooh good pick! I was totally on the fence about getting it, but I didn’t. You will have to let me know how you like it, you can post on my FB page anytime 🙂

  1. Wow, I wasn’t crazy about Estelle until you put the top coat over it then I loved it. I’ve never been a fan of the sandy looking polish finishes but the top coat really made a difference.

    • It REALLY does!! The Julep Polymer Top Coat seemed to work the best…i used my essie top coat on the other hand and it just seemed to suck it dry ( it wasn’t glossy and hard like the Julep one) =)

    • Wow, that one looks beautiful…kind of like the blue version of Estelle! I am keeping all of the colors you ladies mention on my wishlist!

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