My Thrifty Ulta Beauty Haul!

Ok, i’m going to rant a little bit first before i review the goods…This is only like my 3rd time being to Ulta, i usually only go there because Sephora is so far away. *Disclaimer* I just want to say that I went on a weekend, (but i’ve been to Sephora on a weekend too…) First complaint; not one employee asked if I needed help (pet peeve of mine.) Second; They pretty much had ZERO Ulta nail polishes left…ok they had like 5, but still!  Third; the Ulta make-up display was a mess and very hard to shop. (The products themselves are set so far back in the display, I wish I took a pic)

OK sorry, rant over…Anyway, they did (and still do until 9/28) have a super sale on their Ulta brand make-up going on, so thats why I went. I do have to say that I am very happy with my purchase! I have never tried Ulta Brand products before and I was (mostly) pleasantly surprised! I’ll show you what I got, then give you a break down of how I got this deal! =)

ulta swatches

Ok, So all of the things I bought were half off…and on top of that they have *free gift with purchase going on. (If you buy $12 worth of Ulta Products, you can get a full size Eye Shadow, Lip Balm or Gel Eye Liner Pencil.) So, I got 2 Ulta Eye Shadows on sale for $4 each, an Ulta Super Stretch Mascara in “Black/Brown” for $4, Ulta Brilliant Color Lip Gloss in “Sugar Plum” for $4 and Ulta Nail Polish in “Brownette” for $2. I ALSO used one of their $3.50 off a $10 coupons found online! Phew! So, all of this cost me $10.50!

ulta polish

I really liked the mascara, eye shadows and the nail polish. If they had more polishes to choose from I probably wouldn’t have chosen this color but i’m kind of happy I did, I don’t have any colors like it! The shadows were decently pigmented and easy to use, but they did have moderate fall out.  The mascara was good, it does have kind of a strong smell but it doesn’t run or flake so that outweighs the negative for me. The only thing I didn’t care for was the gloss…first of all you have to dunk it in like 5 times to get enough on your lips…the color is pretty (i was hoping it would be a little more of a darker ‘plum, but thats ok,) but it’s also more sticky than I prefer. Here is a look i did using the products, I was going for a ‘fallish’ type look:

Ulta look

What do you think? Have you used Ulta make-up? Leave a comment/question below!

 I will say I am defiantly going back for some different Ulta products and do a thrifty deal again before the sale is over!

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4 thoughts on “My Thrifty Ulta Beauty Haul!

  1. Under stocking products is also one of my biggest complaints at Ulta. Seriously, it isn’t just their brand that is under stocked, but other ones, too… (except the higher end cosmetics, they seem to always have those in stock! hrmph! lol). You scored quite a deal there, and I’m digging the nail polish color you chose! 🙂

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