Julep October “Classic with a Twist” Box Swatches

Happy Fall everyone! October is finally here (and so is my Classic with a Twist box from Julep!) 


My box included:

Winona – a Buff greige crème ($14)

Anisa – a Deep burgundy crème ($14)

Kajal Eye Liner & Sharpener – 2 sided in Shimmering Brown/Carbon Black ($22)

I also ADDED on:

Valerie – a Teal with iridescent microglitter ($14)

I used 750 of my Jules  to get my add-on for free so this box ended up costing me $19.99!  Here are the swatches and my quick thoughts on them…

PicMonkey Collage1

Winona’s formula is somewhat thick and looks decent with just 1 coat. The color is kind of blah by itself…but is looks really nice paired with other rich colors (like Anisa!) or used as a base for fall nail art.

PicMonkey Collage3

I REALLY love Anisa (it is my favorite from the box) It’s a thin formula and very easy to get thin even coats (i did 2 here) I love it by itself, but i paired it with something else just to see and i like that too =)

PicMonkey Collage2

I had high hopes for Valerie (thats why I added it on) but my expectations fell short…It’s a great formula, nice and thin and easy to spread. However, the color is MUCH darker than my idea of teal, it looks like a dark forest green and the shimmer is MUCH LESS noticeable compared to the swatches on Julep’s website… oh well, can’t win em’ all. (I used Adele  as a top coat, and do love the way it looks with it!)


Swatches of the Eye Liner, I haven’t used it on my eyes yet so i’m not sure about that aspect yet…

I would like to know, do you get Juelp Boxes? If so, what did you get this month?

If not and you are interested you can sign up through my REFERRAL LINK and use code ‘FREEBOX’ to get your first one free (just pay S&H)

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2 thoughts on “Julep October “Classic with a Twist” Box Swatches

  1. I am disappointed with Winona. It is so in style but looks awful with my skin tone. So I had to order… Alaina I think its called. It’s like winona but more purple.
    I got modern beauty box with ciara, winona, and valerie. Valeria on me didn’t look like their swatches either. I still liked it tho.
    I loved the mask and i love the brown eyeliner

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