The Body Shop’s NEW Honeymania™ Product Review + Giveaway!


Hope everyone had a great weekend…I certainly did! Now i’m not normally the type of gal to run out any buy a new product right away…but the allure of sweet smelling, super  moisturizing honey was just too much for me to resist…pair that with The Body Shop‘s Buy 2 (or3) get 2 (or3) FREE deal this past weekend…and I was completely sold! One thing I love about The Body Shop (besides their awesome products) is their VALUES…a few of them are:

~No Animal Testing

~Support Community Fair Trade

~Defend Human Rights

~And Protect The Planet

So you can honestly feel good about the products you buy here…in fact, the honey used to make the new Honeymania™ products is sourced from Ethiopia and it is made in handcrafted bamboo hives hung in the forests.

Now onto the review…I went to The Body Shop this past weekend and purchased 2 Honeymania Body Butters, 2 Body Scrubs, a Mini Make-up Brush set and A Brow and Liner Kit (a $117.50 value) all for $54 with the B3G3 promotion! I also used my “Love your Body” Membership Card to get an extra 10% off =) To be honest when I was in the store and took a whiff from the tub of body butter it didn’t smell much like anything to me. But as I am sitting here typing I can smell the sweet warm floral/honey scent all around me. It really reacts well with my skin, the scent is so intoxicating! Now this doesn’t smell like plain old honey…it much more complex and rich and it defiantly has some light floral undertones. However, it’s not overwhelmingly strong or cloying.

the body shop swatch

THE BODY BUTTER: If you have never tried any of The Body Shop’s Body Butters…i suggest you do! Yes, I agree, the price of $20 a tub is steep, but they almost ALWAYS have some sort of sale and especially during the B2G2/B3G3 sale is when you want to stock up. The butters are very thick, but they melt very quickly into skin without a trace of greasiness. Even after 1 application your skin is noticeably smoother, softer and lightly scented. The scent really lingers for a while too (i’m talking hours here!) which I love…There’s nothing worse than loving a scent and have it disappear after 10 minutes!

THE BODY SCRUB: This is my first time trying one of their body scrubs. The Honeymania™ one is very thick, kind of hard to spread, and in my opinion could use some serious help in the “scrub” department.  *Side Note: I am a big fan of harsh scrubs…This one is probably one of the most gentle scrub i’ve ever tried. However it still smells great and leaves you lightly scrubbed and moisturized nonetheless. I would suggest trying it on moist (not wet) skin before you get completely wet in the shower if your looking for a more gritty experience, on very wet skin it kind of just melts away.

SOOOO, because I love making people happy, I’m going to be giving away 2 FULL SIZE Honeymania™ products!! (The Body Butter and Body Scrub)

The Body Shop Prize

Have you tried any products from The Body Shop? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comment section below!

Enter the giveaway HERE
(I will be verifying entries daily, so please don’t say you completed something if you didn’t, it’s not fair and you will be disqualified. Thank you!)

*Giveaway open to US residents only*

**ALSO, if you just can’t wait…RIGHT NOW Living Social has a $20 Certificate to The Body Shop for just $10…ends in 3 days or when supplies run out!**

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18 thoughts on “The Body Shop’s NEW Honeymania™ Product Review + Giveaway!

  1. Wow, buy two or three and get two or three red is a ridiculously awesome deal!!! I love harsh scrubs too but the body butter sounds amazing! They both do lol. We don’t have many body shops near here so I don’t get to go very often, maybe on or twice a year. Thanks for a great and informative post! I hope I win so I can try these! 🙂

  2. I commented before I saw your raffle copter thingy. Ou asked us to tell you what our favorite products from there are. I have never bought anything from there bc we don’t have one close by. I did receive a gift of really nice clementine body wash. If I was to pick one thing to buy from them right now it would be a scrub but I can’t decide on a scent. I think bc of your review I’d like to try this one. It sounds like it smells amazing. Hope that answer was good enough, let me know if it isn’t 🙂

  3. I’ve actually never tried a Body Shop product before. But they have some seaweed facial stuff that sounds interesting… a face wash, a face cream, etc. I like pampering my face! 🙂
    – Michelle

    • Hehe me too! I just bought a 50% off The Body Shop deals on Living Social (the link to it is at the bottom of the post) and I going there again today…they have a deep cleaning blue corn mask that sounds awesome! Thanks for following =)

  4. I’ve never tried Body Shop products before but I’ve only ever heard good things so I’m anxious to try some! I really like the look of their body sprays online!

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