SUPER EASY DIY…How To: Make your Lipstick into a Lipgloss!

I have seen this tutorial around the web and I have been wanting to try it for a long time…I’m glad I finally did because it is so easy, it will blow your mind! I guess there are a few reasons of why people do this…

1. Your lipstick broke/got smashed or melted

2. Your lipstick is SUPER pigmented/or dry and you want something more sheer and/or moisturizing (this is my reason of choice!)

what you need

 You can adjust the sheerness by adding a bigger ratio of vaseline to lipstick. (I used equal parts) You can also add loose glitter eyeshadow to add shimmer to your gloss…a little bit will do ya! (I’m going to try that next time)


before and afters

For the lipsticks I used Urban Decay’s “Anarchy” and Cailyn’s “Big Apple”…both are items from past Ipsy Glam Bags!

Would you try this/do you like this idea? Let me know in the comments below!

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