Julep ZigZag Mystery Box Review and Swatches

Good Morning Everyone, I have another Julep Mystery Box review for you today. (My last review was of the “medium size” Galaxy Mystery box.) This time I decided to get the largest one, the Ultimate ZigZag box. It had over $120 value for $39.99 (I paid $31.99 with promo code FIRST20) I received “Version 1” and here is what was included:

zigzag box

Beach Tonic: $23

Doublestep Foot Treatment: $22

Alaina– a taupe/lavender creme $14

Sienna– a Fine  shimmery gold $14

Nellie– a pink fuchsia creme $14

Freedom Polymer Top Coat– $18

Sea Salt Texture Spray– $22

Essential Cuticle Oil– $18

And of course all boxes got Chevron Nail Decals!



I did a few quick designs with the stickers…it was surprisingly easy! You can either apply them and then add a top coat (like the top right pic) or you can layer another color on top, then remover the sticker like I did in the bottom right photo! Both Nellie and Alaina are very nice formulas that are easy to work with and apply very well in 2 coats.


I was also so happy to get another on of their Top Coats, I am almost out of mine and it is fantastic. When you’re done applying it you can hold it under a 60watt bulb for 2 minutes to harden it even more! The cuticle oil is nice, it smells and feels basically like lavender oil to me. ..(With slightly more viscosity) If you’ve never felt essential oils they are more “dry” than a typical greasy oil feel. It just doesn’t seem as hydrating to me. I just like cuticle balms better!

I also love the Sea Salt spray, it has a very nice fragrance and works pretty well at creating easy natural curls. I sprayed a decent amount (about 20 pumps) to my damp hair, “crunched” it up a bit and then blow dried the roots slightly. When is was dry it looked kind of poofy at the ends of my hair, so I spritzed them with a little more spray to tame the frizz down a bit…

sea salt spray

Not to shabby for a quick hair style (I really have no patience or skill for styling hair so I have a feeling this spray and I will become best buddies!)

Over all I WAS kind of disappointed with the box containing a lot of skin care products as opposed to nail polish BUT i’m glad I got to try some new things!

If you are interested in joining the Julep Maven monthly box program, feel free to use my referral link HERE. Use code FREEBOX to get your first one free (just pay shipping)

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8 thoughts on “Julep ZigZag Mystery Box Review and Swatches

    • hmmm, i’m not sure. From what i’ve heard though sea salt sprays might not work well on curly or thick hair girls…i guess this is the only plus to my thin lifeless hair LOL

  1. Remember how I told u I didn’t like Winona color? The color Alaina is what I was going for! I love Alaina so much! U did a great job on your nails. And your hair looks awesome with the spray, mine is curly and came out horrible! I did my nails yesterday like u told me to and they came put good.

    • Thank you and yes, Alaina is SO much prettier! Glad your nails came out good! I think the spray may not be good for dry or curly hair, but im not sure….

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