Julep November “Classic with a Twist” Box Review


For November I chose the “Classic with a Twist” style again…mainly because I didn’t have any colors like these! The November Classic with a Twist Box came with Sheila, Cynthia and one of Julep’s new Lip Glosses in “Glowing”. So far, the Lip glosses were only released in the Maven Boxes, but they should soon be available for General Purchase! I also added on the color Brielle to my box, here is the pic:

november box

I was really excited to try their new gloss, the Glowing shade is a Light Pink and it barely showed up on my lips. It has a nice cushiony texture with only slight stickiness and it has a very nice fruity scent to it. However I ended up giving it to my girlfriend who prefers “barely there” lip shades. The glosses retail for $22 (kind of steep if you ask me!)


First up is Sheila. I have to say this is the first month I have been “disappointed” with the colors I received. They are nice colors, BUT they are pretty far off from the swatches shown on the website. Even the red in MY picture above looks more bright red then in real life. Maybe it just doesn’t translate well for cameras, but it is described on the site as being a “candy apple red” but in reality its much darker and more of a “brick red”.


Next is Cynthia. I was excited for this because it looked like a nice sparkly neutral shade. The neutral color is nice but it doesn’t have any sparkle when looking at it “in real life” I tried shifting my hand around, holding it in direct sunlight and even a top coat didn’t bring out any sparkle like you see in the bottle. Instead it looks like micro pieces of white polish in with the tan color. I wish I had a nice camera so I could get a super close up to show you what I’m talking about…


Lastly, I added on Brielle. This color also disappointed me in real life (maybe i’m just hard to please? 😉 Anyway, it’s much more of a muted dark orange then the brighter version I wanted in the online swatch. I have never had this happen before with Julep, so I think thats why i’m so sad that it happened with all 3 of the polishes I chose in this box. However, all 3 polishes did have a great application in just 2 coats, and they are pretty shades and I will still wear them! Sorry I’m kind of blah about this months box, but I want to be honest in my reviews and this is how I feel.

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4 thoughts on “Julep November “Classic with a Twist” Box Review

  1. Love the top red..even if brick..I like that for my toesies lol! And the gloss sounds fun..I’m more of a non color gal myself too! Loved the review..keep them coming

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