Blackbox by Cult Cosmetics (My review of the November Box)

cult box

As most of you know I’m a Julep girl; however I decided to skip their December box to try out the new Blackbox by Cult Cosmetics. A Blackbox Subscription is $19.99 PLUS $5 shipping (so $24.99/month) The boxes  come with 3 polishes and a nail art “tool.” (I also got a bonus polish for sharing my blackbox purchase on facebook and email.)

So I’m not to thrilled with the colors…they just aren’t my cup of tea. However they all wore very well and lasted through my Thanksgiving prep and clean up with no chips! The formula is thin and is opaque in 2 coats, and another plus is that it remover VERY easy with no nail staining!  My bonus “tool” was a black Color Club nail art lacquer. I tried it, but it was kind of hard to get even lines, I think I need more practice! My free polish was China Glaze’s “Surfin’ For Boys”

Here are my swatches:

cult rose bowl Rose Bowl

cult mulholland Mulholland

cult runyon Runyon

cult nail toolColor Club Nail Art Lacquer

cult china glazeSurfin’ For Boys

Here is my gripe with this box (besides the price)…it’s the website. Well there isn’t really a website when you sigh up for the Blackbox, it’s kind of just a pop up  screen and you enter your credit info. To be honest I was nervous the whole time…the lack of a properly functioning website for a subscription service just make me uneasy. Maybe because it’s a new service, I don’t know. But for all of the reasons listed above (color selection, price and website) I decided to cancel my subscription. (Which you do by sending an email to whom I presume is the owner.) Maybe i’ll give it another go when they get more settled.

SO LADIES, what do you think…do you feel the same as me? Have you tried Cult Cosmetics polish? Sound off in the comments below!

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*Note: all Cult Cosmetics polishes are Vegan, 5-Free and Animal-Friendly!*


5 thoughts on “Blackbox by Cult Cosmetics (My review of the November Box)

  1. Ive been on the fence about trying them too! Im glad you gave it a go! The past two months colors have been “meh” to me so i haven’t been compelled to leap. Maybe Jan colors will speak to me 😀 I do dig that pink though !!

    • Brave or stupid…lol! I was so nervous! I wanted to cancel right away :/ I hope they fix the site because I loved the formulas, thanks for reading!

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