Crown Brush HD Set Review

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I was so excited to see that my first item to review through iFaboo was this Awesome Crown Brush HD Set. Here is a little info on The Crown Brush Company: They have over 30 years of brush making experience, they also manufacture and deliver their products to over 80 countries. The HD Set I received comes in a nice patent leather zipper case, includes 6 brushes, a mirror and tweezers. I got the white version (they also have purple and orange sets available.) The brushes are vegan and are made with high grade synthetic fiber.

Here are the brushes included:

crown brush Collage

I tried all of the brushes and I  like them! They are soft and range from light to medium density.

The Pro Powder– This is a large VERY fluffy brush. It is somewhat difficult to pick up a pressed powder with this brush. The bristles move and bend easily because it is not very dense. HOWEVER, this brush would be great for applying a light dusting of finishing powder or even an all over highlighter that requires a light touch.

Tapered Blush– Most of my other blush brushes are larger than this, but I almost like this smaller one better! It fits perfectly into the “apple” section of your cheeks and you only need a small amount of product because this one is slightly more dense.

Deluxe Contour– The perfect contour brush, great size and density. Fist perfectly into those areas where you just want a little bronzer.

Crease Blender– Lighter density, nice and fluffy. Great for blending you shadows for smoky eyes or a light overall wash of shadow!

Chisel Shadow– This is a medium sized shadow brush, firmer density and great for applying shadow (dry or wet) to your lid.

Detail Liner– I usually prefer an angled liner, but this worked ok. I wish it was slightly more dense, there isn’t many bristles packed in there, so it was more flimsy when applying liner to my top lid. But with a steady hand it came out ok.

So, I really liked this set, it came in a nice case perfect for travel. Although, my only gripe with this set is the “mirror.” If you can see in my picture above it is like one of those CHEAP magnet mirrors you put in your high school locker. It really isn’t even useable. I wish there was something a little better quality of actual use in the set, but the brushes are good so that’s more important i presume! I also would prefer darker colored brushes, the white looks really nice, but if you use it once it look so dirty like you haven’t washed your brushes in months! (This is why most brushes are black or brown) This set retails for $69.99 but you can get it for $27.95 on their site HERE. I think this would make a great Christmas gift for someone starting out or looking to expand their brush collection, they also have LOTS of other brushes on their site, so check those out too!

What do you ladies think of this brush set…Would you buy one? Let me know in the comments section!

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*Disclaimer: I received this product from iFaboo in exchange for an honest review.*


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