Honeybee Gardens Mineral Make-up Review, Swatches!


I have some beautiful make-up from Honeybee Gardens to show you today; they are a cruelty free mineral makeup company located in Pennsylvania. In 1995 Herbalist Melissa Hertzler started  out on a mission to make natural personal care products for her and her family (and she started out making them in her kitchen!) I found them on Facebook, and took a look at her site. I was very excited to see that they offer samples of products so you can try before you buy, this is such a great idea! They offer lipstick, foundation, loose mineral eyeshadow and loose mineral blush samples for .50 a packet (you can get about 5 uses from the lipstick and more than 10 from the shadows and blush!) They also offer individual eyeshadow pans for $3 ea. Be sure to follow them on FB because they  frequently release codes where shipping is free on ANY order, so place your orders then.

Here are the eyeshadow swatches I took:

honeybee eye swatches For the Eyeshadows I ordered Celtic (a light mossy green), Satin Sheets (a champagne shimmer), Sunset Strip (a warm pink/copper shimmer) and Cloud Nine (a light blue/silver.) I swatched them wet and dry over primer. They do tend to have fallout, but it helps if you use them wet and press it onto your lid slowly with a flat shadow brush.


honeybee eye collage


Next I ordered some samples of their Truly Natural Lip Color…It’s hard to tell the colors on the computer and some were different (better) than I expected. This is why i’m happy I ordered samples!

honeybee lipstick I ordered Innuendo (the perfect nude!), Valentine (a cool mid tone pink), Seduction (a brownish/plum) and Burlesque (a cool tone red with pink undertones.)


honeybee innuendo


honeybee valentine


honeybee seduction


honeybee burlesque


They also make water based nail enamel:

honeybee nails I  like the idea of the water based (you can remove it with just rubbing alcohol!) But I found the thin formula to be VERY streaky even after 3 coats (which I did in my swatches.) They also have a much longer dry time, which isn’t really suitable for my lifestyle (I just don’t have the time or patience!) So, while the colors are pretty I would pass on these unless your a super crunchy granola head. lol

However, I REALLY love their makeup…it is great quality, beautiful and decently priced!…I also have a full size of their Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation in Supernatural and I love it…It provides medium coverage and it is so silky! (In the photos I am also wearing their mineral blush in Cherub.)

Are you into natural or mineral make-up? What do you think of these products…let me know!

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9 thoughts on “Honeybee Gardens Mineral Make-up Review, Swatches!

  1. Great review! I’ve been using Honeybee for a couple of months, and it didn’t occur to me to try the eye shadow wet, or to do it with a primer. I will have to try that.

    I think their foundation is great. I also love their bronzer (excellent stuff…you should try it!). The mascara feels wonderful on my eyelashes, but I wish it gave them more “oomph,” like the store-bought, toxic kind, haha. However, I will continue to buy this mascara because I am willing to settle for a less dramatic look in favor of not using toxins of my eyes every day.

    All in all, I really do like Honeybee, but I was super disappointed with the nail polish. It chips off in a matter of hours. I suppose this is due to the less-toxic water-base…you can’t have your cake and eat it too, right? After deciding to never buy toxic nail polish again, but trying Honeybee’s and not being satisfied, I just decided to avoid nail polish whenever I can, and then just use the regular (toxic) stuff for special occasions.

    To anyone reading this: try Honeybee’s stuff! They are always finding ways to improve their products so I think it’s worth it to try it and see what works for you. As with any cosmetic item, certain products will work better on some people than they will on others. Try it and find out for yourself 🙂

  2. I loooove honeybee! Son glad you posted about it. The shadows look amazing..when you say wet..u justApply a little water and pat onto the lid? Thanks again dear!

    • really!? 🙂 awesome! They are great…when i do them “wet” i LIGHTLY wet my shadow brush then tap it off so the brush is pretty much damp. Then i dip it into the shadows and apply it with a patting motion! 😀

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