Nuance Cosmetics by Salma Hayek, Lip & Eye Quads Review

nuance Collage

Lately I have been itching to try something from Salma Hayek’s Nuance brand (the line is cruelty free and available exclusively at CVS) It includes cosmetics, skincare, and hair & body products.

I ended up choosing 2 of the teardrop shaped quads, the Warm Lip Shades and the Neutral Eye Shades.

nuance lip  Collage

(L to R) Mauve, Champagne, Plum, Red

I really enjoyed this little quad! The textures are very rich and creamy, it comes with a tiny lip brush but it’s just too small for me and it’s also too firm to spread the soft lip color evenly. I ended up using my larger lip brush to apply it. The shades with shimmer are slightly more sheer, the cream shades are more opaque, but they can both be built up or worn sheer. They are not sticky but they also don’t have a ton of staying power. ($9.99 on

nuance Collage

(clockwise) Champagne, Mauve, Red, Plum


nuance eye Collage

(L to R) Frosted Blush, Almond, Gold, Bronze

The eye quad was nice too, they just weren’t my favorite colors. They were soft and nicely pigmented. It also comes with an eye sponge but I didn’t care for it, it’s firm and shaped like a cotton ball…


On the left side I used Almond near my lashes and gold in the crease. On the right side I used Gold near my lashes and bronze in the crease and outer edge. (Both eyes I used champagne as a highlight in the inner corner and under the brow bone)

Overall, I like these quads. They are a little bulky for travel but if you have a medium to large purse you could pull it off. I also think these would make a nice gift because they are unique and fun! They quality is great and I can’t wait to try the cool shades next!

Have you tried anything from the Nuance line? Do you want me to do a review on the cool toned lip and eye quads? Let me know!!

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9 thoughts on “Nuance Cosmetics by Salma Hayek, Lip & Eye Quads Review

  1. The lip colors look really great on you, and I would agree that her lip colors don’t last at all. The Nuance line is mostly miss for me personally, but I think the nail polish is the best product of the whole line!
    – Michelle

    • Yah, I wish they lasted longer. I didn’t know they had a nail line, I’ll have to go to the CVS with the larger selection and check it out! πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t have a CVS nearby but next time I see one, I’ll have to stop and see if they have these. I love the eye quad but I’m a sucker for those types of colors, and the lip colors look great too! That plum looks fantastic on you! πŸ™‚

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