(Jan.6) Avon Cosmic Polishes Review/Swatches

avon cover

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago I bought some Avon’s Gel Strength Base Coat when it was on super sale and shipping was free. Well I fell in love with it, so I wanted to try some of their actual polishes. Like the base coat, these were on sale ($2.99 ea.) and shipping was free. (I also used mypoints and got 25 points per dollar!) The Cosmic Polishes are supposed to give a “holographic pearl effect.” Let’s be honest, if you’ve ever bought anything from avon.com then you know their online “swatches” are pretty much useless. Meaning you really don’t get any sort of good idea what the color actually looks like…it’s kind of like a gamble. (I’ve always hated this about avon’s website) ANYWAY…

Let’s get to the swatches and review!

avon celestial(*Note: The formula of all of these is pretty thin and very easy to work with.) Celestial, a light dusty blue, was somewhat sheer. I had to use 3 coats to get the opacity I wanted. It’s very pretty and almost “serene” like…I love it.


avon radiantLike Celestial, Radiant is also somewhat sheer and took 3 coats to become opaque and not show the nail whites. It’s a pretty muted gold shade.


avon starburstStarburst is a vibrant magenta shade. It is more opaque than the pervious 2 and only took 2 coats to get great coverage. I love this color it’s like a mix of pink and purple, I don’t have anything like it!


avon saturnLastly is Saturn, a warm coppery orange. This shade also only took 2 coats to become opaque. I think this would be a great shade for fall/ halloween!

Overall, with the price I paid, I am fairly happy with these. They look slightly nicer in person and are defiantly a “pearly finish”…(I just wish they were more sparkly.) FYI: There are only a few shades left (I think they are being discontinued.) I do however want to mention since using their Get Strength base coat, my nails have been SO strong and healthy. Seriously, I have used many nail treatments and base coats and this is by far my favorite. When I bought it I paid $1.99 it’s now $6.50, but I would still buy it for that price! 🙂

avon Collage

So, I want to know…have you tried any Avon nail products, or do you have a favorite Avon product in general? I’d like to know for next time their free shipping promo comes up!

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13 thoughts on “(Jan.6) Avon Cosmic Polishes Review/Swatches

  1. I have bought plenty of nail polishes from Avon over the years although none recently, my favourite is a gold foil one which came out exactly as it sounds, as if I had coated my nails in gold foil. I use their spray which quickens drying time, I use that a lot. It helps keep my nails from snagging before they dry.

  2. I used to use a lot of Avon polishes but got away from them…I think I just found other brands more interesting but I’ll check them out after seeing this! I LOVE that pink color! (I’m a sucker for a good bright pink!)

    • I think I would only buy them if they are on sale and free shipping was offered again 🙂 The pink is really pretty in person!

  3. Oh I really like Starburst! I have some avon polish and I’ve noticed it takes 2-3 coats for just about all their polishes. But then thats true of most polishes made by anyone, really. at least 2 coats. But man once I have 3 coats, it just doesn’t want to dry. its like I have clay on my nails.

  4. The most recent polish I purchased from Avon was from their SpeedDry line, called Street Beige. I think it was being discontinued at the time. However, it’s a buff greige creme, very neutral, great for everyday wear. I really like my fast dry polishes. Other than that, I love love love their Glimmersticks eyeliners.

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