(Jan.8) Almay Shadow Softies Review & Swatches

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Hi everyone, hope you are all staying warm during this cold weather snap. I have a review of some of Almay’s Shadow Softies for you today! I recently had some quarterly extra bucks burning a hole in my pocket, so off to CVS I went! I had 2 coupons for $5 off 2 Almay products, and I wanted to find these because I swear I had seen them before. I didn’t see them with the regular Almay display, so I almost gave up…then I spotted them on an off shelf display! There were only a few shades left hence my sherbet like choices (ok, maybe I was also yearning for spring…but can you blame me with these -10 temps the northeast has been having? πŸ˜‰ )

The Shadow Softies line consists of 12 shades in total (6 matte 6 shimmer) and you can also find them online at Target.com.

The texture of these is really soft (hence the name?) and very silky feeling. It’s almost like a mix between a cream and powder shadow, but they apply like a powder. The BEST part about these is due to the texture there is zero fallout and they are comfortable on the lid. Β The WORST part(s) is that they are very hard to “pick up.” They don’t work well with an applicator or brush, they end up just disappearing on your eye. So you have to use your finger (which i’m not a fan of) to get the best application and pat them onto your eye. (The green and blue were shimmers, the pink and purple were matte) The pigmentation is also so-so, i had to do MULTIPLE swipes of each, with the green being the lightest and sheerest of the bunch.

almay eye Collage


almay hand swatch

(HEAVILY swatched photo over primer) These would be great for people who like light makeup…they are easy to just swipe on your lid with no big fuss for just a tint of color. (Which often times I end up doing with my eye makeup.)

almay eye swatch


This is also heavily swatched over primer, you can defiantly get a lighter look if you wanted to! (I feel like Punky Brewster here, hehe!)

Overall: These are somewhat of a bust for me…but I ended up paying about $.75 each with my 2 coupons and extra bucks, so i’m not too broken up about it. However, if I found some of their more “grown up” shades like say, taupe and grey at target, I might buy them…they are just very easy to swipe on and head out the door.

UPDATE: I went and got 2 more shadows (more natural ones) Smoke and Creme Brulee.

As you can see, creme brulee is VERY sheer, I think the ones with shimmer are more sheer than the matte ones. Smoke has a slight pearl finish, not completely matte and it applied somewhat patchy…

How do you feel about Almay makeup…love, dislike, never tried?? Let me know in the comments!

I have used quite a few of their other products (blush, other shadows) and haven’t been impressed yet…so i’m not sure why I keep buying them. (I think the coupons make me do it!)

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14 thoughts on “(Jan.8) Almay Shadow Softies Review & Swatches

  1. I have not heard anything good about these shadows unfortunately & I have never been a fan of Almay products in general. It sucks because these sounded like such a neat concept! Thanks for the great review!

  2. I have picked up two of these and while I don’t love them, I can build up the color enough to consider it decent. Would I re-purchase, probably not. I do love the new Almay lip glosses?? that they came out with recently. I think it’s a lip gloss/lip butter or something. Nothing else I’ve used from them has really impressed me.

    • I have some of those Almay lip things, they are good for the price but somewhat sticky. but any of their other face products haven’t done it for me πŸ™‚

  3. I use several Almay products because they are hypoallergenic and I have some sensitivity to certain cosmetics. Their products are hit and miss. My favorite Almay product of all time is their original eye liner (the twist up one) and their Triple Effect mascara (it gets a little clumpy, though). I have read several reviews on the shadow softies, and I have yet to read a positive review… Bummer. And can I just say THANK YOU for referencing Punky Brewster??!! I loved that show! πŸ™‚
    – Michelle

    • I had used their mascara waaayy back and I did like it…I loved Punky too πŸ™‚ I knew all the color would be a bit much together, but I wanted to to as little swatches as possible lol

  4. I’ve only heard one reviewer like these in a positive way. And since I have gotten to know you as a blogger and on FB I trust your opinion thanks for the difference in swatching in natural light and flash πŸ˜€

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