Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Review!

UD Collage

I have the Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case to review today! Ahhh yes…my preciousss….But seriously, I was SO flippin excited that my fiancee bought me this as a Christmas gift!! 😀 I have wanted one, pretty much since it came out. I know the UD Naked 3 was probably the “most wanted” of their items this past year, but I preferred this because of the variety is has. The case is sleek and portable, but the bottom section is a little hard to open (you kind of have to slide your nail in between to pop it open.) It comes with 5 shadows (2 metallic, 2 shimmery and 1 matte,) 2 blushes, a highlighter, an eyeliner and a LE lip pencil.

Lets take a closer look, shall we??

UD Collage

ooohhh, aahhhhh….

UD Collage swatches

Redemption is a silky smooth gunmetal satin with slight pearl/shimmer finish, barely any fallout.

Fray is a pinky/nude matte, great as a base, it’s a little powdery with minimal fallout.

Vaporize is a medium grey satin/shimmer finish, minimal fallout.

Provocateur is a light pink metallic. This one was a mess but luckily the only disappointment in the palette for me. It looks beautiful in the pan and (heavily) swatched on my hand, but when applied to the lid it is seriously lacking in pigmentation. I tried using different brushes, my finger, wetting it and alas, nothing helped. Also, it has MAJOR fallout and hurt when it got in my eyes (waahhh!)

Revolt is a beautiful metallic silver. It has great color payoff and moderate fallout, so be careful when applying. (An old style shadow applicator works best)

Fetish is a dusty rose blush with subtle shimmer, great pigmentation and wear time.

Quickie is a cooled toned bright pink blush. It looks scary when you swatch it, but if you use it sparingly and blend well, it gives a beautiful natural flush.

Craze Highlighter is so pretty, its gold toned, sheer and adds nice subtle radiance. (Use sparingly on top of blush, brow bone or cupids bow highlight!)

Perversion is a jet black eyeliner pencil. I’m not a fan of eyeliner pencils in general, but this one is nicer than most i’ve tried. It is soft and creamy, so you don’t need to push too hard when applying and it also lasts until you take it off!

Scandal OMG, this is my favorite thing in the palette!! Like the name suggests, it is SUPER saturated. It is a cool toned berry red with a subtle pearly sheen. This also lasts forever! I rarely get any lip product to last more than 3 hours with eating and drinking, this lasted 5 (it probably would have lasted longer but I had to take it off to go to bed.) I wore it to work one night and quite a few people commented on it 🙂 It is creamy, but gets dryer feeling over time, I just applied lip balm over it. Every so often I would check in the mirror because I was sure it was wearing off…but NOPE! This is the best lip product iv’e tried…I want to buy more shades!

UD face Collage


ud double photo

Bummer alert: I think it’s sold out on sephora.com, but you can still find it on ebay.com. Overall I am very pleased with this palette, and I hope they make the Scandal lip color a permeant part of their Super Saturated Lip Crayon collection!

Do you ladies have any favorite Urban Decay products, or are there any you want to get your paws on?? Leave me a comment! 

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15 thoughts on “Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Review!

  1. OMG what a great little palette! & you totally ROCK that lip color, girl! Great pictures, too 🙂 That blush looks right up my alley! I’ve been hunting for a cool toned matte pink blush lately. I wonder if they sell it individually?

    • Thank you…and yes they do! I still have the old Quickie formula and I like it better…its not matte like the new one though it has a more pearlescent finish.

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