Lorac Rockin’ Red Hot Mini Gloss Set Review

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Hope you all are having a good day! I have the Lorac Red Hot Gloss Set for review today. I know, the colors look really scary…but trust me, they are MUCH more sheer when you apply them. Also, I should note these are mini’s…they are really tiny. In fact, I took a “scale” photo next to an eyeshadow applicator to show you exactly HOW small they are:

I’m guessing there is about 5-10 applications in each bottle, depending on how many times you layer it. I love the packaging, it is so adorable and glam with the little rhinestones in the cap! πŸ˜€


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The colors look much more pigmented on my skin then they do on my lips. My lips are pretty pigmented, so sheer colors never really show up. Most of the shades are VERY sheer, with Groupie and Encore being the most opaque. They are slightly sticky and heavy feeling on the lips (which i’m not a fan of) The shades are nice, I just wish there were a few more opaque ones. ALSO, a lot of the colors are very similar (at least on my lips.)


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My 3 favorites are Amp, Rock (which is interesting, it gives a blueish tint to lips…) and Encore. I would only consider purchasing Rock in full size because it’s unique and I don’t have anything else like it, other than that I would pass on these glosses, they are just a little too sticky for my preference. I paid $17 on sale for this set, and I like little sets like this because it’s a nice way to try things out and give them a test run to see if you like the colors/texture etc…

This is my first time trying the LORAC brand…have you tried anything from them or do you have any favorite “mini sets?”

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6 thoughts on “Lorac Rockin’ Red Hot Mini Gloss Set Review

  1. I think Backstage and Encore are my favorites on you! Too bad they’re so sticky. I really want to try the Pro-Palette from Lorac. I’ve tried one shadow from that palette (Pewter) and it was lovely.
    – Michelle

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